Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We are a vital, dynamic Christ-centered church reaching out to others and to one another in His name. Among us God is worshipped and glorified, faith is nurtured, and the abundant life is empowered.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead people to Christ, incorporating them into the life of the church and equipping one another for effective Christian living.

Our mission is clear, focusing on our relationship with Christ and with one another. It is this understanding of our mission that gives us the vision of who we are and what God seeks to accomplish in and through us. Our vision is shaped by our Christian values and empowers us to venture forth making commitments, setting goals and mobilizing resources.
We believe that we are to be a church where God is worshipped, Jesus Christ is followed as Lord and the Holy Spirit equips us for ministry. By God’s grace, sins are forgiven, hurts are healed, lessons are learned, Biblical knowledge is developed, eternal friendships are formed, marriages are strengthened, families are bonded, faith is nurtured, hope is nourished and Christ’s love is experienced as we live and serve together.

Being "incorporated" into the life of the church and "equipped" for effective Christian living means that each person is empowered for and engaged in ministry. It is our goal that every person become involved in a small group or ministry team where mutual love and caring are experienced.

As a congregation in mission with vision for ministry, we are a prayerful people. Prayer expresses our gratitude to the Lord and seeks God’s guidance in our daily life. Every gathering of people, in small groups and large crowds, provides the personal and community experience of belonging to Christ, growing through Christ, and serving and sharing in Christ.