2019 Christmas Eve

Come Enjoy Christmas Eve With Faith Lutheran!


Come enjoy Christmas Eve this year with our warm and welcoming congregation! We will be celebrating Jesus' birth with Christmas-based services that include the following:

5:00 & 7:00 pm Services - Emmaus Band

Faith Lutheran Church's own Emmaus Band will be performing Christmas music at our first two Christmas Eve services. Emmaus Band will lead the congregation in music celebrating Jesus' birth and reminding us of the joy that He brought to us.

9:00 pm Service - Traditional

Our 9:00 service includes a traditional based focus with Pastor Jerry Watts leading the congregation in worship celebrating Jesus' birth. Come experience what Christmas is all about by sharing and participating in God's Word and acknowledging Christ's birth.

11:00 pm Service - Traditional + Communion

Our last service of the evening will be a traditional service with communion offered to the congregation in remembrance of Jesus.